Judging a Home by its Cover: Home Exterior Renovation Ideas

Posted by Dallas Luxury Realty on Wednesday, January 25th, 2012 at 11:00am.

Let's face the facts: there are many ugly homes on the market that seem beyond salvation. You know the ones: Brady Bunch-era split-levels with dark hallways, cramped kitchens, and no curb appeal whatsoever. Some might say the suburban mid-nineties bungalow is even less appealing, with its pastel-coloured stucco siding, hastily (and sometimes carelessly) constructed interior, and complete lack of character. However, as painful as it might be for some to hear this, there are often redeeming qualities deep down in the properties that are oftentimes automatically relegated to the "no" pile because of their exteriors.

Location, of course, is often the major deciding factor in many home purchases. A property that may not be everything a buyer wants, when in an up-and-coming area, or an area that is already popular, might be a great option if there is enough time and/or resources for a renovation. So many amazing things can be accomplished with a few carefully thought-out changes. After a dated or unattractive home has undergone an exterior renovation, the entire street can be transformed for the better. So can property values. Some transformations have to do with tricking the eye and some involve bolder changes to the structure of the building.

Dallas Home ImprovementPerhaps because it is so often said, the the fact that a coat paint can change everything has lost its importance. Your Dallas luxury home is beautiful in a shade that is appropriate to its architectural style, the surrounding homes, and the current trends (though bowing to trends too easily can result in regret in a few years). When homeowners do not take these considerations into account, disaster ensues. Imagine a contemporary concrete home with clean lines and an industrial aesthetic painted baby blue, as though it were a quaint 1940's country cottage. That kind of choice is simply inappropriate and makes the residence look out of place and automatically dated. The same maxim can be applied in reverse. Other simple fixes include adding shutters or window boxes to a home to "fill out" what may be a blank canvas, to add interest, or to make the house appear larger. Pergolas can also do wonders this way, adding another dimension and, if the homeowner is keen, even some greenery to the facade . These fixes make a big impact, yet they're relatively easy and do not require a significant investment.

Projects that consume more time and resources are those that require extensive changes to the structure itself. In most cases, these result in staggering improvements to the home's aesthetics. One such alteration is adding dormers to the roof. This is especially helpful if the roofline is on a single plane. Dormers can make the home look more impressive and, from a practical standpoint, can add more usable space and light inside the home. False dormers (also known as blind dormers) are purely decorative, only seen from the home's exterior. Although not helpful for curb appeal, skylights are another improvement that can remedy the lack of natural light in so many 20th century homes. Since many recently-built homes favor the position of the garage so highly that the front door can often get lost. Many homeowners are now choosing to emphasize their front entrances by extending their entryways past the garage, or build more substantial porticos, steps, and/or porches around the front door. Changing the garage doors, from panels of all one colour to multidimensional doors of various materials including windows, is often such a great improvement to the home's facade, that other changes may not be necessary.

Contemporary homeowners want their dwelling to be unique, with personalized touches. Gone are the days when complete uniformity was the sought-after quality in most neighborhoods. When your home's location is the most important factor, consider buying with renovation in mind. It might just open up a whole new world of possibilities.

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