Luxury Improvements to Make Your Home Pop

Posted by Dallas Luxury Realty on Monday, February 6th, 2012 at 8:14am.

It often happens that you move into a house and you want to change something to make it your own. Maybe you're renovating or, perhaps you're building from the ground up and you want to do something to make your new abode truly unique. It could be that you're just plain tired with your home's decor and you need to change something. If you're stuck for ideas, try out one of the suggestions below to breathe some new life into your space.

  • Bedroom
    Consider adding some romance in the bedroom with a chandelier or candelabra. Hung over the bed or between two chairs in a reading nook, a chandelier can divide the zones in your room. If you choose to use candles for your chandelier, you can even move it around the room or into a different space altogether if you ever get tired of it. Pick an electric chandelier for brighter light. A lighting fixture like a chandelier can make a huge difference in the feel of a bedroom. Dallas Luxury HomeMinimalist iron chandeliers lend a more rustic feeling while an ornate chandelier with sparkling crystals puts almost anyone into a good mood!

  • Bathroom
    Most of the time when we think of changes to bathrooms, we think of the sink, countertop, and bathing area. The toilet often gets left behind (pun intended). However, changing the toilet in your bathroom can make a dramatic difference in the feel of the space. One possibility is installing a wall-hung toilet. Probably better for modern interiors, a wall-mounted commode goes with a streamlined aesthetic. They add clean lines and can make the bathroom feel larger than it is.

  • Kitchen
    Try dividing up the space in your kitchen into different zones. This is especially helpful if you can make a larger renovation, but even the addition or subtraction of a few items can make a large impact. Comfortable seating in the kitchen is new concept that is becoming more and more popular. Try creating a seating area or a nook for perusing recipe books. A desk-height counter space would be appropriate here too, so you can browse recipes and food blogs at a kitchen computer. Elements like bookshelves don't only need to be for books; a larger divider can also showcase your smaller kitchen appliances, like food processors and mixers.

Your luxury home is just like you: upscale, elegant, and always evolving. When you find yourself becoming bored of the same old decor, consider changing up your living space with one of the ideas above. You might just find that perfect accent your home has been missing!

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