(Re)defining Luxury Real Estate in Dallas

Posted by Dallas Luxury Realty on Tuesday, January 31st, 2012 at 11:03am.

Thinking about what a Dallas luxury home is can be tricky business. Beyond assigning arbitrary price ranges, how do we decide what luxury really is? To answer that, let's look at a few different qualities we find in the most beautiful luxury homes.

A common thread that ties all Dallas luxury real estate together is that it makes a statement. In many cases, this is immediately obvious from the sheer size of the home. You know a dwelling is luxurious when it can comfortably sleep your friends and family, with room for more! As we all know, however, size isn't everything. One of the newest trends in luxury homes is the "jewel box" home. In Texas, where everything is big, this is still a somewhat foreign concept, but it is gaining traction in more urban markets where space is necessarily limited. Jewel box homes are residences wherein the expense of building a large home is concentrated into aDallas Luxury Homes smaller area. This results in exquisite finishes, exceptional attention to detail, and unbelieveably fine and/or rare materials that would be out of the question if used in a larger design.

Another defining characteristic of Dallas luxury homes is that they all enter into a dialogue with their surroundings. The exterior landscaping and layout of the property has everything to do with how a luxury dwelling is realized, with regards to both interior and exterior design. The first impression of a luxury home's exterior is as important as, or moreso than, its interior. Many, if not most, luxury homes in Dallas, interact with their natural environments, in one way or another. This could be in the form of exterior spaces such as kitchens, living rooms, or verandas. Landscaping is incredibly important, too. It is rare to see an upscale house with little or no trees, shrubs, or plants to ground it and give it context. Good plants for grand estates include anything that makes a statement. Weeping willow, magnolia, pin oak, bougainvillea, wisteria, poplar, and/or Japanese maples are popular choices.

Perhaps the most obvious characteristic of a luxury home is the inclusion of amenities that might be seen as extravagant or unnecessary. That's not to say, however, that these kinds of luxuries are undeserved. In-home theatres, wine cellars, secondary kitchens, and full-service spas are just some of the indulgences that owners of luxury homes choose to have available to them whenever they like. Luxury living is about indulging one's most frivolous desires and choosing the home that appeals to the inner hedonist. It is a subjective choice borne out of a desire to be truly comfortable. Most of all, it is the confidence that comes with boldly making the lifestyle choices that define who you are and what you love. What do you think makes Dallas luxury real estate unique? How do you define a luxury home? Leave a comment!

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