Top 3 Strategies to Keep Your Rental Property Occupied

Posted by Motoza Analytics on Thursday, March 5th, 2020 at 11:52am.

For a property owner, there’s nothing sadder than looking at a vacant unit. Other than looking at multiple empty units, that is. 

Empty units means money down the drain, so it’s essential to continually find new tenants to replace the ones leaving, but that’s easier said than done. Let’s break down the best methods to market your property and keep your rentals filled.

If you are wondering how to attract tenants to your rental property and just as important, how to find good tenants, there is a wide range of marketing strategies to fill those vacancies.

The most effective method for finding qualified renters is to broaden to include a wide range of resources.

In the current digital age, the use of online listing resources is a must, but they are hardly the only ones that can attract new tenants to your rental property. 

The best strategies take these into consideration:

1. Utilize Social Media

Social media outlets have never been more popular. They are a great resource to expose your rental property listings to a wider spectrum of prospective renters. Use the power of the medium to have your network of friends and business associates to like and share your posts and listings.

Ad campaigns on social media sites allow you to target specific people by location, age, and income to focus on your key demographic groups. The most popular and effective social media platforms or listing rental properties in Dallas are:

  • Facebook: Videos posted on Facebook are viewed more frequently than any other type of content, an ideal platform for property walk-through presentations.

  • Twitter: The vast community of tweeters can search to find your rentals through strategic hashtag placement on the platform that also supports video play.

  • YouTube: The massive worldwide video storage center is also the second largest search engine. Properly optimized content can be boosted by high rankings in Google and other search engines. 

Manage Word of Mouth

Simple word of mouth is often the best way to promote vacant rentals. There is no better recommendation than when the referral comes from other tenants, friends, or other property managers and landlords.

While you can’t control what your tenants are telling their friends, you can manage your overall presence online to help manage how potential residents view your property. 

Online reviews and ratings are the digital equivalent to word of mouth advertising, so it’s essential to manage and review your online reputation. Prompt maintenance, excellent customer service, and the overall upkeep of your property are some of the most noted elements people discuss when reviewing their rental online, 

Team Up With a Property Management Company

Keeping your property occupied is a full-time job-- not including the maintenance, paperwork, and random chores that come along with the rental itself. If you’re looking for the easiest way to ensure you always have tenants, look no further than Dallas Luxury Realty.

Our property managers have the experience and resources to fully utilize every available channel, meaning your rental will get the exposure it needs to stay occupied.

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