Chateau de Champ d'Or - Aerial Video from Casey Dobbs on Vimeo.


We may be 4000 miles away from Paris, and you may be 5000 miles away from Texas, but you'd never know it. With the new video drone technology utilized by Dallas Luxury Realty, we are able to offer home buyers from around the world an intimate and unprecedented view of any of our listings - no matter where you are.

Dallas Luxury Realty's long-time local real estate agent, Casey Dobbs, was awarded an exclusive opportunity to film an aerial video of Chateau de Champ d'Or. The footage provides a never before seen vantage point of the magnificent property - a 35 million dollar French Chateau set in the heart of Texas.

To provide customers with a 365 degree “bird’s eye” view of estate and ranch listings, Casey films and produces all aerial videos free of charge. Provided the listing is a Dallas Luxury Realty exclusive.  

Interested in finding out more about this unique marketing method for your home, development or rural property? Want to find out more about the Chateau de Champ d'Or?

Please contact:
Casey Dobbs at 214-282-1867

*Dallas Luxury Realty has added aerial videos as a free, complimentary listing service for all DLR listings.  Casey's aerial video company is UAV Video Concepts.<