Apartments for Rent in Prosper, TX

Prosper is an up-scale suburb located about 6 miles north of Frisco. It's known for its gently rolling hills and open ranch land. This spacious suburb offers all the amenities of a large city while retaining a sense of rural peace and country charm.

Prosper, TX apartments for rent include duplexes, modest studios, and upmarket apartments with one to four bedrooms.

More about Prosper

The land that now makes up Prosper was settled in 1846. Originally two communities inhabited the area, but when the St. Louis and San Francisco Railroad was built nearby in 1902, these communities merged.

Prosper remained a small rural town until the 1980s, when rapid commercial growth in North Texas led to its swift development into a modern suburb.

Prosper has many attractive neighborhoods. The majority of housing in Prosper was built in the past few years to meet residential demand, giving the town a “new” feel. However, historic older homes are also still available.

Prosper is part of the fast-developing Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area. It's popular with affluent professionals and families, who are attracted by its low crime rate, excellent schools, and many parks, playgrounds, lakes, and nature trails.