Are You Wabi Sabi Savvy?

Posted by Dallas Luxury Realty on Friday, March 16th, 2012 at 11:59am.

Slowly but surely, wabi sabi has been creeping into interior design, which is fitting for this go-with-the-flow eastern design philosophy. For several years now, wabi sabi has been gaining traction on and over similar philosophies, most notably the shabby chic esthetic. Wabi sabi emphasizes utilitarian furniture and accessories, elminating, or at least cutting down on, the clutter and unnecessary knick-knacks so prevalent in previous design philosophies. At the core of this esthetic is simplicity, humility and natural materials. Unlike flouncy shabby chic, there are no frills or gimmicks here.

Texture is an important part of wabi sabi. You'll see quite a bit of rough-hewn and wind-worn wood as well as texturized hand-spun ceramics and cast iron in the form of kettles or handle-less mugs. The earnestly aged object is highly valued in this philosophy.Wabi Sabi Bowl Artfully showcasing a well-used chair or a slightly rusted metal vase is a comment on the importance of the wisdom that comes with experience. This is not the place for the strategically worn, yet brand new, pieces of shabby chic fame. Wabi sabi is a more spiritual attitude toward design.

Natural colours are intrinsic to wabi sabi design. It is said that to test a color for your wabi sabi interior, you should bring it into a garden and if it stands out too much, you know you should reconsider. Neutrals are obvious choices for these interiors, but dusty rose, sage green with brown or gray undertones, and warm whites the colour of an overcast sky are all welcome. The thing to remember about wabi sabi color is that it's not precise or exact. It emulates the subtle variations of nature, so instead of having the boring repetition of a room that is perfectly colour-matched, your eye gets significantly more interesting things to see.

A wabi sabi home feels distinctly different to a home decorated in typical western style. This esthetic appeals to the yearning in all of us for a place to "sink into" and really call home. Streamlined antiques, natural materials, and uncluttered accessories are the hallmarks of this style. You'll love the way wabi sabi forces you to slow down and enjoy your home, and your own company, more.

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