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So you’re looking to create or expand your leasing portfolio in the Dallas area, but you’ve got lots of questions. No worries! When it comes to managing a high-end property, Dallas Luxury Realty has all the answers to questions you didn’t even know you had. From finding a property for you to buy to long term management, Dallas Luxury Realty has you covered at all steps of the leasing process.

Even if you’re thinking about managing your property yourself, there are many elements you should consider, whether you’re new to the renting market or just refreshing your property management skills.

1. More and More People are Renting Instead of Buying

It’s 2019, and the renter’s market is more diverse than ever. People are deciding to rent later in

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As the ninth largest city in the United States, Dallas has a lot of options for homebuyers. If you’re moving to Dallas, you naturally want to make sure you move to the best neighborhood for you and your family. So, let’s take a look at the best neighborhoods in Dallas and answer a few questions you might want to consider along the way.

What Are the Parts of Dallas?

Before we get into the best and safest areas to live in Dallas, it’s important to get a lay of the land, a 30,000 foot view of what Dallas has to offer. Dallas covers a ton of surface area and has a lot of different neighborhoods in which people can choose to live. In general, the area names are broken down geographically: Far North Dallas, North Dallas, Northeast Dallas, East Dallas,

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Buying a home is a major decision. It requires significant resources, including time, energy, and, of course, financial investment. One of the key factors influencing this decision comes by way of mortgage rates. Mortgage rate is a percentage of interest that a bank offers a homebuyer for the loan needed to make their home purchase.

 These rates vary by state, city, county, and neighborhood. The Federal Reserve can send rates up in a hike or down in a decrease. For buying a home in Dallas, you will want to know what mortgage rates currently are in this area, how much of a down payment you might need, as well as how property taxes are calculated here.

What Is the Current Mortgage Rate in Dallas?

Mortgage rates in Dallas vary depending on the

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Renting out a house can be a solid investment with long-term benefits. Unfortunately, most property owners don’t consider the massive responsibilities that come along with renting out a house. Houses alone have a long list of chores to keep up with, and constantly handling tenants and vacancies just make the task more difficult.

 Property management companies, like Dallas Luxury Realty, can completely change how you handle your rental house and make the investment feel worth it again.

Here are 4 important reasons you should consider a property management company to rent your house:

1. We Take Care of Constant House Repairs

If you own a house, you know just how much work goes into it compared to an apartment. The front, back, or side yard

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Real estate has always been considered one of the best investments someone can make, but not everyone considers the responsibilities and stress that comes with renting out a property. Landlords have to deal with maintaining their property, dealing with tenants, filling vacancies, and much, much more.

You don’t have to be on call 24/7 for your tenants and rentals, however. With a property manager, you can trust that everything is being cared for while you get your life back.

What Is A Property Management Company Responsible For?

 A property management company handles all the stressful work of a landlord or property owner, which starts long before residents move in and goes on much longer (months, in extreme cases) after they vacate. From

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Comfortable life in East Dallas Texas 

East Dallas Texas is a beautiful place to live. Ideal for those who want to live a low-key life but with big city amenities available to them. They have a variety of locally owned shops and restaurants that will give you a  welcoming feel. East Dallas is a much older neighborhood with popular areas that include M street, Lakewood, White Rock Lake, Casa Linda and other fabulous areas for you to go to. 

You'll be able to enjoy beautiful landscaping with quiet streets and many excellent local bars, restaurants and great shopping destinations at your convenience. 

Shopping in East Dallas Texas 

Melissa Benge collection- this is a women's apparel boutique that has a variety of jewelry, hats, boots,

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Richardson Texas is located in Dallas country and has an approximate population of 106,123. Here are some of the ideal details you need to have before moving into this beautiful place. Its median income ratio is $72,427 with a median home value of 197,100 which gives you a general idea of its affordability. Its walk score is 39,9767. Here are some of the featured properties in the area.



7,086 SQ. FT A stunning half acre home remodeled during 2012, adding 2000+sf and updated baths. This home is complete with amazing exterior stone works and landscaping, a spacious oversized four-car garage, built-ins and mesmerizing architectural details. This house features a family room with a stone fireplace, huge storage

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This stunning 2-bedroom, 2-bath University Crossroads condo is in close proximity to all the top foodie spots in town. The unit boasts hardwood flooring, crown molding, remodeled, stainless steel appliances, refrigerator, fenced in private patio, separate laundry room with use of the new washer and dryer, gated access, use of two pools and spa. You can also bring two pets on a case by case basis. Unit available for move in August 1, 2018.



First built in 1935, this 2-bedroom, 1-bath home has been updated and meticulously maintained. The home boasts hardwood flooring, darling black and white tiled bathroom, kitchen with gas stove, dishwasher, central heat and air,

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This gorgeous mansion is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece by Philip Johnson. First built in 1964, but was updated in 2008 into the contemporary work of art that you now see. The whole estate boasts an abundance of natural light, spacious and elegant living spaces, an elegant double staircase, a unique dining room with an arched canopy, with 5 luxurious bedrooms and 8 bathrooms. The gorgeous estate sits on a vast 7 acres of land which includes a media house, modernist cabana, swimming pool, and tennis court. This breathtaking estate has been featured in numerous books, magazines, The New York Times, and can now be yours.



Situated on 1.6 acres of land in the prestigious Dallas’ Old

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Dallas was once one of the biggest trading centers during the mid-1800’s which gives it a rich and beautiful history. There are numerous heritage homes in the city which come in all shapes and sizes. There are many available estates with beautiful history throughout the listings, as well as less expensive luxury homes. There’s something for everyone. Buying a historic home will allow you to own a little piece of history while giving you a chance to make your own.

8000 CR 1117, SNYDER

When buying this gorgeous home, you will also own a 3718 acre ranch with 96% Mineral Rights, with production. So not only will you buy a lovely home, but also a good source of income and also a historic landmark in West Texas. Johnson Ranch is a historic

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